Speak Life Into Others

Though I've talked most of my life, I never considered myself a messenger. There was a point in my life where what came out of my mouth were someone else words, thoughts, and ideas, or my opinions, that were based on not knowing much. As I get older and wiser and honor my title as a public speaker, I understand that words mean things. The message we deliver can hurt, heal, and set people free. I also now know that the messenger, for some, holds just as much, or more power as the message shared.

  • When you speak, are your words full of purpose or are they said just to be said?

  • Is your delivery customized for the listener?

  • If you were listening to yourself, would you understand?

  • How do you speak into the lives of others?

Ask yourself, these questions, and feel free to share your answers with me.

If my speaking presence works for you, book me for your next event. Or ask me how you can have your own Party With A Purpose, in your home today!

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