When you Party, is it with a purpose?

Why can't fun and growth exists in the same space?

BLCNY believes they can.

Holiday parties | girls/guys night in | get together's | brunches | dinner parties

bridal showers | bachelor parties | birthday parties | vision board workshops | Just Because

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What Is A Party With A Purpose?

A Party With A Purpose is a customized coaching experience, created by, Stefanie, the life architect, to give you a creative, relaxed, comfortable, private way to have amazing real, raw, fun dialog.

Who Can Come?

The Guest List is Customized by You. a minimum of 5, and a maximum of 1o of your friends are welcomed.

Stefanie, the Life Architect, the BLCNY TEAM are not included in the guest count.

. No outside guest, or children, as onlookers are permitted. Privacy, safety, and respect of all guest are paramount!

How Long Does A Party With A Purpose Last?

A minimum of 1 hour is required for booking, with a maximum of 3 hours.

What Kind of Topics Do We Discuss?

NO topic is off limits. Want to go deep? Let's do it! Want to keep it light, fun and turn up? Absolutely! Want a combo, or would like to freestyle, and wait to see what happens naturally? no problem! Your Party, With Your Purpose, had your way!

Where Are Parties With A Purpose Held?

Parties With A Purpose are held in the most safe, comfortable, clean, relaxed environment, your own!

How Much Does A Party With A Purpose Cost?

$55.00 per Person, per hour.

five people maximum for one hour bookings. Additional guest requires booking of additional hour(s).

Stefanie, the Life Architect, and BLCNY TEAM are not included in the guest count.

Why Should I Book A Party With A Purpose?

Why not? You've done the physic thing. You've done the stripper thing. You've done the pleasure party thing. Why not do the fun,growth thing?