Beautiful souls, the self-help market, is momentarily saturated. Self-Love, Self-Care, Self-everything is everywhere! From famed professionals, such as Iylana Vanzant, to your home girl, from around the way, that gives 'good advice.' Everyone is now a life, relationship, fitness, and all of the above coach. The hustle is real, but some of the credentials and intentions are not. I'm not mad at anyone who finds their calling, or taps into their greatness, by all means, DO YOU! What does burn my butter are those who pass off daily necessities, like breathing, as mind blowing cures for serious, possibly life altering, and deadly issues. Or those who do not respect the core competencies, by obtaining proper accreditation, licenses, certifications, or any form of authorization, by an approved authority, or intuitions, to adorn the title and practice the profession of emotional and mental health.

Here are some things I think you should know:

  • Life Coaching is about emotional health and moving forward towards the outcome, or goal of your choice, and IS NOT therapy. I am not, nor is anyone who solely holds court as a life coach, a psychologist or a therapist. Psychology and therapy require a degree(s), while coaching can be achieved with certification(s). And though many mental illness professionals have side practices as coaches, without coaching certifications, I do believe they should respect and understand the craft, and its differences and obtain certification, as well. Continuing education when dealing with someone's mind, body, and soul, are a must!
  • Sadness and depression are not one and the same. The various remedies for having a 'bad day' have nothing to do with treating mental illness. Depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorders are all common forms of mental illness. There are over 200 types of mental disorders. If you or someone you know is suffering from a mental illness, seek help today!
  • Yes, there are similar components in therapy used in coaching, but they are not the exact same. While I cannot diagnose you, or write you a prescription, I am trained to help you. Help you with what? The what, well, that's ultimately up to you. How can I help? By implementing my training methods, such as Kinesics interpretation, and Cognitive Behavioral techniques, or by simply being an objective third party listener and navigator, and by being aware that no two people are the same. Customization is a HUGE part of my aesthetic. I actively work with willing participants, to design plans suitable and attainable to their learning styles, time availability and love language. I also created some pretty excellent techniques and settings, such as "They say" and Parties With A Purpose to keep the coaching from becoming stale and boring, that's how.
  • You don't need to be fixed. You are not a lamp or a piece of equipment that no longer turns on. You are a beautiful human being, with needs, wants, desires, questions, fears, comments, thoughts, hurt, and pain. Even if you're a self-proclaimed asshole, drama queen, go-getter, or over-achiever, you have the right to evolve, seek clarity, express yourself and just be heard, like everyone else. I am not a fixer or a guru that can ‘cure’ you by emptying your pockets, and selling you dreams. I am another human being that feels, relates, learns, educates, and can possibly help you. That is all.
  • Progression takes time. Whether you are working out to lose weight, gain muscle, or maintain your current body type, you will have to 'do the work' to achieve your goal. Emotional fitness is no different. You don't just get on a treadmill for one day, and become the healthiest version of yourself, right? So one conversation, one attempt at a mental exercise or assignment, won't render you 'fixed.' Patience, effort, discipline, and presence will get you to the destination of your choice.

My goal is always, to be honest, and transparent about my intentions for you, your emotional health, goals, POSSIBLE healing, pain management, expansion, enhancement, development, increase, and enrichment. All while giving that same honesty and transparency about, my craft, gifts, talents, areas of expertise, and professional boundaries. Much like a football or basketball coach, can't guarantee its team or franchise a victory, and a championship ring, I, nor any life coach cannot guarantee any improvement, despite what is spewed. The player's participation is the main factor in winning, as is the same in growth. My coaching style has been said to be relatable, yet direct, with the intention of guiding you in designing any area of your life, the way you want it to be. Translation - I keep it real! Too real, for some. And that's okay! I believe that my style and personality will resonate with those that are meant to pick up what I'm putting down. I also believe that anyone who you hire to aid you in moving forward, in any area of your life, should be a determined, dynamic, bold, and solution driven for you, your time, money, and goals. After all, if you didn't need that push or pull out of your comfort zone, would you have had a need to hire them in the first place? If your needs should be beyond my capabilities, I will happily refer you to someone who is licensed to help you.

Professional questions, like these answered in the video, are welcomed and strongly encouraged. Be diligent about who you invest your money in, and more importantly, who you allow into your emotional and mental business and space. Never, EVER, forget to love yourself, first and always.

Stefanie, Life Architect.

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