Meet BLCNY's S.H.E. recipient for February 2016, Cynthia Branch.

When selecting this month's honoree for our S.H.E. feature, I knew I wanted someone who shares my vision of creating the 'Own your happiness, healing, transparency, Self-Love, Self Empowerment' movement. I also knew that I wanted to continue to put a spotlight on girls and woman entrepreneurs; aspiring entrepreneurs and hard workers, who excel in their field, and use their talents and gifts, to contribute significantly to their communities and the lives of others. The woman who filled all those check boxes for me is none other than, Cynthia Branch. Cynthia has been a champion for women's rights and needs, specifically in the area of healing. And for me personally, she has been a source of encouragement, motivation, and sisterhood. She has also been gracious with her heart, mind, and ears, by allowing me the space to encourage and motivate her, which speaks to her openness and egoless nature. Beautiful on the outside, yes, but more importantly, this woman's inner beauty and intelligence are what makes her a star. BLCNY acknowledges, supports and salutes you, Cynthia!

Words from Cynthia Branch: "I am a Life Coach and Therapist based in NYC. You may recognize me as a cast member on the reality show #BLACKLOVE on FYI. I am extremely passionate about helping women evolve to their highest self. I work with women around issues of self-esteem, self-worth, forgiveness and healing. After a challenging childhood dealing with a parent who was a substance abuser and dropping out of school in the 7th grade for a couple of years - I was able to deal with my own issues, stop blaming and take control of my own success story. Of course, I had help along the way; And I realized I wanted to assist other women to manifest all of the light and beauty they possess and help them to recognize their own worth.  We are all on the same journey just at different places.  As I continue to evolve, I continue to push or pull other women on the path to greatness. There is more than enough room in the world for all of us to be great!"

If you, your daughter, mother, or friend, would be a great fit for the BLCNY S.H.E. girl/woman of the month, click below and let us know, and celebrate yourself or loved one. You DO NOT have to be a resident of New York to participate. Greatness is global. If chosen, be prepared to submit a photo of you and your work, along with a small paragraph about your business and your message to the world. BLCNY is committed to encouraging, uplifting, and supporting all girls and women.

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S.H.E. Honoree January 2016