Meet BLCNY's S.H.E. recipient for April 2016, Tinique Williams.

When it came time to selecting BLCNY's S.H.E. honoree for the month of April, selecting Tinique was not only nepotism but a wise decision. She was the first entrepreneur I had the pleasure of learning from and coaching. As a mother of two boys, and with a newborn baby girl in tow, she bravely decided to take action and fulfill one of her lifelong goals and become a licensed cosmetologist. Heading to school daily, she began to create her business plan, and like many, she turned the kitchen of her home in a full-service hair salon, affectionately names London's, after her beautiful daughter. With clients from friends, family, to women who loved her work in passing, or the many referred clients, her dream, turned goal, became her income source.

As a young woman, who hadn't yet discovered her purpose, watching Tinique's journey, which had some hard times, inspired me to not only figure it out my purpose but to persevere when it felt like all odds were against you. If you thought she looked familiar, you're right. She's the face behind me above on the wallpaper of this website. Her presence fills a room and demands to be respected. She is a straight shooter that will swoop in and save the day when needed. Sensitive, yet strong, Tinique has overcome so much and has just begun to scratch the surface of her potential. She's has been my personal hair stylist for years, more importantly, she is my big sister, my fellow Aires, and one of the greatest inspirations in my life! When creating the blueprint for BLCNY, I wanted to put a spotlight on girls and woman entrepreneurs; aspiring entrepreneurs and hard workers, who excel in their field, and use their talents and gifts, to contribute significantly to their communities and the lives of others. My big sister embodies all the criteria stated above and more. BLCNY acknowledges, supports and salutes you, Tinique! 

Words from Tinique Williams: "The reason I love doing hair is because I like making a woman feel beautiful. Nothing compares to the moment when they look in the mirror at the finished product. The smile and joy that overtakes them, for me, that's priceless!"

 Find all things London's Salon at www.facebook.comLondonsSalon

 If you, your daughter, mother, or friend, would be a great fit for the BLCNY S.H.E. girl/woman of the month, click below and let us know, and celebrate yourself or loved one. You DO NOT have to be a resident of New York to participate. Greatness is global. If you’re interested, click below and let us know. Submit a photo of you and, or your work, along with a small paragraph about your business and your message to the world. BLCNY is committed to encouraging, uplifting, and supporting all girls and women, in all things that make them shine brightly.


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