"They Know." Feel What You Feel When You Feel It.

As I sit here and watch this video, I'm picking myself apart, hurling an onslaught of insults and criticisms at myself. Obviously, I am my worst critic. I am actively working on this. #SelfLove #SelfAcceptance

"My hair is a mess! I sound so stupid! I hate my voice! I look fat! Look at the bags under my eyes! My nose looks huge! I should have put on makeup...lipstick, I definitely need lipstick!!" This is what you deal with every day?!"

As my husband blank stares and questions my sanity, he begins to tranquilize my crazy with affirmations, reassurance, and a much-needed reality check. I realize that I need to calm my yelling fears and turn up the volume on my whispering confidence. I'm putting myself 'out there' and not hiding behind the comfort of the keyboard and my written words. While I DO NOT agree with everything "they" said; I do agree that I can expand my outreach strategies. We're brave around here. We do what our fear tells us we can't do. We empower. We motivate. We inspire.

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"What Is Normal To The Spider Is Chaos To The Fly."

S.H.E. Honoree May 2016