Meet BLCNY's S.H.E. recipient for May 2016, Bonnie Ndoci.

When it came time to selecting BLCNY's S.H.E. honoree for the month of May, selecting Bonnie was a no brainier. I met Bonnie at a time in my life when my "pretty", a tool I relied on too much, was under attack. After getting off of birth control after 15 years, unbeknownst to me, my body started a purging process, and my skin turned on me. I found myself in my thirties with teen-like, painful, pubescent, pizza face adult acne all over my entire face, in my ears and nose. After thousands of dollars spent on makeup to hide behind, cleansers, toners, rubs, scrubs, dermatologist visits, pricey medications, DIY home egg, honey, turmeric and many other suggested, Google searched face mask; my self-esteem was taking a hit and I was ready to give up. I decided to do one last search and came across Facials by Bonnie. As an avid Yelp review reader, I not only read about her magic hands but the before and after pictures made me a believer. I booked an appointment and have since been on a healthy skin path ever since. Not only is Bonnie a motivational entrepreneur, she is skilled and knowledgeable in her craft, but what stands out is her character, energy and ability to make you feel comfortable, relaxed and beautiful. BLCNY acknowledges, supports and salutes you, Bonnie!

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        Coach Stefanie's skin progression with Bonnie

   Coach Stefanie's skin progression with Bonnie

Words From Bonni Ndoci: "Over the past ten years, I’ve developed and honed my skills as an esthetician to create an ever-growing business. And yet,  I discovered my passion for enhancing the skin somewhat serendipitously.  I grew up the oldest of 6 children, on a small farm in communist Albania. My dream of owning a business wasn’t even a glimmer in my imagination. Instead, I dreamed of one day being a mother. And I got one step closer to that dream when I married the “boy next door” and moved to NYC to start a new life with new possibilities.  

My husband and I worked together cleaning houses and offices. In the first few years of our marriage, I focused on our business and my young family.  One day, while cleaning a dermatologist office, I noticed a “wanted” sign for a receptionist. After only a few months behind the desk, I noticed the incredible relationship between changing one’s skin and boosting mood, confidence, and self-esteem. I was fascinated and only wanted to learn more. It was that yearning that expanded my dreams for my future.  With the support of my husband and two boys, I enrolled in esthetician school. It was a difficult balance – school, work, and home – made even more challenging by my ambitious goal of completing a year-long certification in only five months. But my hard work paid off, and when I graduated, I landed a job at the very same office I once cleaned.   

After six years working with a large company, my desire to contribute even more to my family as well as enhance the experience of my clients with more one-on-one service pushed me to take on even more responsibility. I started my own business. Free from the rigorous timetables of a larger company, I am now able to give each client the personalized experience needed for the best results. The skin, our largest organ, is a mirror to what is happening in the rest of our body. It literally reveals everything from the inside out. I use my knowledge of skincare as a vehicle to help clients access and highlight their natural radiance within."

Facials by Bonnie

201 East 56th Street

New York, NY 10022

Phone: 212-203-1453


If you, your daughter, mother, co-worker or friend, would be a great fit for the BLCNY S.H.E. girl/woman of the month, click below and let us know. Celebrate yourself, a loved one, or a girl/woman who motivates you. You DO NOT have to be a resident of New York to participate. Greatness is global. Recipients must be prepared to submit a photo of themselves and, or their work, along with a minimum of a paragraph about their business and message to the world. BLCNY is committed to empowering, encouraging, uplifting, and supporting all girls and women, in all things that make them shine brightly.

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