S.H.E. Honoree July 2016

Meet BLCNY's S.H.E. recipient for July 2016, Tennesha Wood.

When it came time to select BLCNY's S.H.E. honoree for the month of July, I was a bit nervous asking Tennesha for her hand in S.H.E.-ship. Besides seeing her weekly on my TV screen, as a cast member on FYI's #Blacklove, we had only met three times. We shared laughs and conversation over a glass of wine at a mutual friend's home, shared a stage as guest speakers at an event, and she kindly invited me to be a guest on this episode of her successful Dating, Relationships, and Love (DRL) podcast, so why was I nervous? Because I allowed my fear of rejection to minimize our interactions down to an "only," and tell myself that Ms. Wood wouldn't be interested and was probably too busy for little ol' me.  I was allowing my baggage to speak for her; which isn't fair to her, or myself. This was when I remembered a brilliant piece of advice that Tennesha so generously gave the crowd, from her mother, while speaking at the event where we shared panel space. I paraphrase: "What evidence do you have that it's not going to work out?" Every time we had met, Tennesha's smile was infectious, her intellect was sharp and present, her energy was warm, brave and inviting, and her presence was positive and open. What about those characteristics say "Not interested?" I changed my mindset, reached out, and was met with excitement, gratitude and a "Yes!" Tennesha's work ethic, openness about love, and the quest for it, enthusiasm for life, in addition to her overall being, inspires and motivates me. She is an ultra-light beam and a goal achiever, who I'm grateful to have had the pleasure of crossing paths with. If you've watch #Blacklove or listened to Dating, Relationships, and Love (DRL), you know this woman is headed for hosting and media greatness!

BLCNY acknowledges, supports and salutes you, Tennesha!


 Words from Tennesha Wood:
I am a host, TV personality, and blogger living in New York City. I was raised in the Minnesota by Jamaican parents; think Fargo meets Cool Runnings. I have lived and dated in several major cities including San Francisco and New York City. After over 150 online dates, I was left with endless stories and lasting lessons. Although Mr. Right is still on his way, through all these dates, I found my true passion; learning about how relationships form and what truly makes them last. My mantra is know you, be you, love you. I believe that love starts within, once you love yourself and embrace authenticity, love will find its way to you. 
I explore endless topics around love on my podcast: Dating, Relationships, and Love (DRL) while taking an intimate and honest look at what it means to date in the digital age. DRL shares stories and advice with the help of featured guest including singles, couples, exes, and experts. I live my life as an open book because I believe that we all want love, and we all go through the same struggles to get it. Being an open book led me to join the cast of FYI's #Blacklove in 2015. I am also consultant for the dating app Bae and my work has been featured on ABC, Huff Post Live, Madame Noir, and Rolling Out Magazine. 
When I'm not thinking about love, I am out about in New York City, island hopping, or at home challenging a group of friends to a game of Taboo over tacos and wine.
You can reach me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter@tenneshawood

If you, your daughter, sister, niece, mother, co-worker or friend, would be a great fit for the BLCNY S.H.E. feature, click below and let us know. Celebrate yourself; a loved one, or a girl/woman who motivates and inspires you, and others. You DO NOT have to be a resident of New York to participate. Greatness is global. Recipients must be prepared to submit a photo of themselves and, or their work, along with a minimum of a paragraph about their business and message to the world. BLCNY is committed to empowering, encouraging, uplifting, and supporting all girls and women, in all things that make them shine brightly.

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