Pussy grabbing elections. White privilege awareness and denial. Sexism, and male privilege peeking ( yet another qualified women not given her rightful position, so that a mediocre, unqualified man can be tagged in. I digress! Grrrrrr). Thank you for your service, Hilary! P.S. I'm still with her. Pipelines, Lemonade visuals, with formation beautiful blackness. "What's worse, being jealous or crazy?" Thank you, King Bey! The death of Prince-The rain will remain purple. George Michael, Princess Leia, AND HER MOTHER! Terence Crutcher, Keith Lamont Scott, and Alton Sterling. Por Que, Jesus? Black Lives Always Mattering, Collin Kapernick, kneeling, yet not voting. Amazon Fire Sticks, mannequin challenges, Black and Brown girls x women consistently elevating, changing the warped narrative about melanin in the world, and spreading Queen magic (Issa Rae, Luvie, Solange, you and me!) and, oh, soooo much more. Whew! What a year 2016 has been. It seems like the last 365 days were full of people standing, and speaking up, fighting, shooting, and protesting for what they believe in, be it 'right' or 'wrong,' or otherwise. Even with all the WTF mishegas moments, that occurred, life was good to me, and I've learned SO MUCH! I think I may be one of the only people on the planet that wouldn't mind a three-month extension for 2016.

No, I'm not high on anything, that I know of. For me, this year is the first year on this planet that I felt worthy to be here. Every other year of my life, I never experienced this feeling of fulfillment. Why? Because I finally figured out that the life I was living as not the only life that was available for me to live. Mind BLOWN!! I've never been this much of service to others on purpose. What does that mean? Well, I now know 'it' is not about me, and that my failure, meant someone else's success, including my own. Mind BLOWN AGAIN!! I became less concerned about how I looked to people and focused on how I made people feel. I began leaving more impressions instead of bruises and scars. Having this mindset, helped me love myself better, which intern allowed me to love others better. I became blind to 'likes,' comments and 'follows' and started to live loudly instead. I re-evaluated my boundaries, kept the ones that blocked the unhealthy things and people out, and broke up with the ones that kept newness, goodness and connections at bay. I aimed to live in the present and limit my anxiety, over-thinking addiction of living in the 'what if's' of the future. I decided to try new, sometimes scary adventures and enjoyed learning to do things right by doing them oh, so, wrong.

·      I marched and spoke loudly about civil rights march (Black Lives Always Matter!)

·      Jumped out of a plane. (Skydiving is indescribable and craziness!)

·      Zip lined, meditated on the beach, and fed monkeys in the jungles of Costa Rica. (View here)

·      Learned in Photoshop, Audacity audio editing system, and designed a website.

·      Celebrate my first year in business. (YAY! View here)

·      Doubled my speaking gigs and panels participation bookings from last year. (Won't God DO IT!)

·      Became one-half of Not Your Momma's Podcast. (Listen here)

·      Was a guest on Dating Love and Relationships - DRL. (Listen here)

·      Was a guest twice on Right to R.E.A.L Love Podcast. (Listen here and here)

·      Lost 10lbs and learned how to lift weights properly. (Major!) Gained 7lbs back. (Currently working that off, again)

·      Said no to things I didn’t want to do (And I’m still a ‘good’ person.)

·      Realized that my feelings being hurt didn't mean that I was "right." (Deep!)

·      Had more orgasms. (LOVED!)

·      Became vegetarian for a month. (I was hungry.)

·      Became more confident in my abilities as a writer (Bravery on TRILL!)

·      Had one of my blogs published by Sofrito For Your Soul (Read here)

·      Connected with new, amazing, like - minded people, like you!

The most important thing I did was, I changed my narrative and let A LOT of the old pain-filled stories of my yesteryear, that I told over, and over, and over again, GO! Such a necessary, major key for mental, emotional, and internal freedom. I feel accomplished, present, empowered, enlightened, still very scared, sad, and lonely at times, but braver, than ever before. Of course, I have my own agenda for my life, who doesn't? But I'm open to being drowned in what God has for me, that my natural eye can't see. I'm leaving room for mystical magic.

This blog is not like others I've written. No "how to" theme and a bit braggadocious, chocked-full of pride, happiness, amazement, sprinkled with ego, and gratitude. Guess what?! It's more than OK to acknowledge, be proud and share your accomplishments, with the world sometimes. In this life, we all spend a hell of enough time over feeding our lack of movement, and stuckness, so why not be OK with celebrating evolution? Too often confidence is only allowed to be shared when it meets other people's needs and makes them comfortable. I say damn that! If you've evolved, elevated, and shifted, in any way, for the better, respect that growth, give it air to breathe, and speak on it! When I began to take note of things accomplished in this year, I became motivated all over again. I give myself permission. 2017, I welcome you, with open arms.

My intention is that at least one line in this read motivates you to take action, and move in the direction, you want your life to go in, and not wait for another January 1st date, to live, or relive. What did 2016 teach you? Are you happy to see it go? Will your 2017 be different in any way? What are you giving yourself permission to achieve, let go of, or take in? What is it going to take for you to make your goals come true? I believe in you.

You met me where I was at. You allowed me into your space. You are one of the reasons that my 2016 was so fulfilling. Thank you for being. Love yourself, always, in all ways.

 Beautiful Soul Unicorn,

Happy New Year!

Stefanie, Life Architect


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