You might not be able to tell by this 70/80 degree weather in September, but according to the calendar, in a few short days; an extra quilt will be added to beds across parts of the world. Fashion will take its turn towards layers, leather, fur and other heavy blends; because, the season for shedding, shift, and understanding, Fall, also known as Autumn, is here. As the leaves begin to change to various hues of red, yellow, and brown, they also start to separate from what they've stayed connected to. The Fall season is a significant part of our emotional and mental health, because of its representation of letting go and allowing things that no longer serve a purpose to blow away.


(SAD) Seasonal Affective Disorder, is often dismissed as "The Winter Blues." But It is a real type of depression that's related to changes in seasons. It affects many, but this disorder is common amongst girls and women.


When the temperature temporarily dipped the week before last, I instantly began to plan, assess and redo my closets, exchanging my dresses, sandals and bathing suits for sweaters, boots, and coats. I got online checked my credit card balance and, the clicking, ordering, and shipping, of a new cold weather wardrobe, began. I was preparing externally and physically, but what about internally, emotionally and mentally? Here I am superficially investing in protection from the cold, snow and, wind; building my armor for my exterior weather war, with not one plan in place for my seasonal mental, and internal emotional battles. Sure, I can do the "nobody taught me how to" thing again. Which may be true, and one of my favorite excuses, but no longer can that be my crutch for my lack of self-preservation. It's time that for me to take inventory, and prepare for my cold weather needs, moods, and choices. Will you join me?


Singles souls, how do you handle those cold nights? Are you compromising your self-worth by calling up that dick dynamo, sexual savant, and vagina vigilante? You know, the ones that wouldn't even have your number should you be able to manage that scared of lonely feeling, you ignore and, or mask.  Will you allow the expectations and comparisons of "cuffing season" to leave you empty again? Will you continue to choose sex over your growth and sanity? Or will you welcome stillness and the sound of your voice, and learn how to take advantage of these slow seasons? During these colder months, where indoor activities occur more; so do negative thoughts, and the enhanced human need to be touched and comforted. Netflix and chill, and Instagram #BAE post pressure add to the weakening of our flesh. Many will succumb to dating at the level of their loneliness and current self-esteem. Will that be you?

Couples and cohabitators, how do you deal with cabin fever? The desire to fight, nitpick, nag, and separate are high during these months, due to being in the same indoor space more often. Are your prepping and taking the authority to plan fun, unique, couple, and family - kid-friendly, bonding indoor and outdoor winter activities? Are you aware of the possibility of seasonal, including holiday, discord, that can tear families apart? What are you prepared to do about it?

Introverts, analyzers, and over thinkers, how are preparing for feelings all the feels, or none at all? What steps are you taking to not allow the allure of cold, detachable behavior to set in?

The cold gets a bad rap. Many people love the fall and winter and experience nothing but joy and emotional happiness during this time. The snowfall, hot chocolate, football, good sleep, home cooking, great fashion, Halloween costumes, Christmas carols and New Year's resolutions. All are beautiful things to look forward to. But for those who don't relate to that festive feeling and need a little more maintenance, mercy, and grace than others during this time of year, don't fret. You are not alone, you are not "crazy" or "too much." You're a human being who feels your feelings. And that's more than okay. How do you internally prepared?

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