Mommy x Me

By the time my mother was my age, she had two teen girls, (Irish Twins), a toddler, and a step daughter. She was new to being a wife, had an ex-baby daddy, and her own childhood traumas. She worked, every day, all while trying to scrape up enough just to get by, let alone get my sister and I the $54.11's we so desperately needed. My vagina, sleep, and sanity can't handle the thought of it all.

As I sit into my 30's, I often find myself thinking: "What would I have done if I were in her shoes?" I think I know, but I really have NO IDEA. I remember the day I no longer looked at my mother as if she were a superhero, the day she became a human being. Many days of judgment about her actions and lack thereof followed. I judged her harshly, not knowing what challenges to my health, emotional and mental well-being, patiently waiting for me in womanhood, that she was already experiencing on a daily basis. My level of naivete was high.

It is EASY to blame our parents for all that was, is, and will go 'wrong' in our lives, but I now know that I WAS a product of my circumstances, and now am solely a product of MY choices. Did my mom make some mistakes? Absolutely! Could she have done things better? You betcha! Do I understand and agree with all of her choices and actions. Nope! But reliance on the past makes you expect, crave, and welcome pain in the present and future. One day, I decided to activate my choice muscles and love my mother more than I was judging her...I asked my mommy to allow me to give her a platform, and interview her, for more understanding. She graciously agreed.

Conversations With The Coach was created to connect with you on another level, eye to eye, past words on a screen.

Conversations With The Coach:

Mommy x Me

Are you a mother? How's your relationship with your daughter? Are you a daughter? How's your relationship with your mother? Do you communicate, just tolerate, or do you avoid all?

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