Life coaching is a solution-focused, collaborative process, in which a coach assist you to define, speak out loud, and strategically move toward what you want in life. Coaching is different from consulting, mentoring, advice, therapy, or counseling.

While that definition is accurate, its a bit cold and uninspiring.

BLCNY describes Life Coaching as the process of growth and often relief and release, through partnership.

Think of coaching as a cross-country road trip. You're in the drivers seat of your life, gripping the steering wheel, in control; cruising down life's road. Suddenly you hit a dead end, with what seems to have no way out. You're feeling stuck, even lost. Now, what? Hello, frustration, fear, and panic. You stop and take a breath, and courageously admit that you can no longer do it alone, and are in need of help. You then remember the GPS navigation system you have in the car. The GPS IS NOT there to take the wheel of your life. It is there to contribute to your personal development and well-being; with professionalism, integrity, and empathy, without judgment, and minimal advice, or opinion; to guide you away from the impasse, onto productive paths of your choosing, with direction methods that you may not have been aware existed; or need reminding of.

That is BLCNY Life Coaching.


Is Life Coaching Therapy?

No, Life Coaching IS NOT therapy. But coaching does have some behavioral and psychological components to it.  Therapy often involves extensively examining your past to define how you got here in the first place. Sure, the past may play a role in understanding your current 'blockage,' but coaching is about the present, taking you from where you are now and moving you forward, with an action plan.

Additionally, some clients benefit from working with both professionals concurrently. Finally, and what is most important for you to know, is that coaches DO NOT diagnose, prescribe or treat any psychiatric disorders.

What Types Of Things Does Someone Work On With a Life Coach?

What you want, and what you need. In the coaching world, it's defined as having less and having more.

Having Less:
Fear / Frustration / Boredom /Pain/ Resentment / Disappointment / Doubt / Confusion / Overwhelm / Indecision / Exhaustion / Emotional and Financial Bankruptcy

Having More:
Joy / Self-love/ Self-Esteem/Hope / Confidence /Control/ Balance / Abundance / Peace / Energy / Motivation / Clarity / Action / Time / Fun / Productivity / Freedom / Courage / Money

How Much Does Life Coaching Cost?

A quick Google search can tell you, coaching fees and packages, vary, depending on the coach and their practice. I recommend doing your due diligence and inquiring not only about the coaches pricing; but their training, certification, and style, before you commit. Your coach should be able to provide their package rates and detailed logistics about their practice, upfront, in their welcome packet, before a commitment from you is contracted.

BLCNY offers an array of coaching conversation packages, at affordable price points. Coaching Package Pricing»

BLCNY includes a FREE 30-minute intake conversation with all new client purchased coaching conversations and packages.

Students, referral, and Vibe Tribe mailing list discounts, promotional offers and payment plans, are available.

How Does A Coaching Conversation Take Place?

Life Coaching is a convenient form of self-help. A coaching conversation is commonly conducted virtually and via E-coaching, which are fancy ways of saying over the phone, video conference, and through email. BLCNY also offers live - in person coaching, at your home, office, in any safe, supportive environment, at additional cost.

Is Life Coaching Just For Individuals?

Life Coaching is for everyone. Individuals, children, teens, couples, friends, families, small companies, large corporations!  Coaching is obtained in every industry and situation you can imagine. Life provides an abundance of circumstances, coaching offers a wealth of support, guidance and action, for anyone who is open to the process.

Does BLCNY Provide Life Coaching For Girls And Women Only?

No! The Life Coaching component of BLCNY is open to everyone who wants to make a Better Life Choice, and that includes boys and men.

Can I Purchase A Life Coaching Package For Someone Else?

Yes! A coaching conversation can be purchased as a gift for someone; if and only if, the recipient consents to being coached. Parents and caretakers are allowed to buy coaching packages for their child/teen, as a proxy.  As stated above, our 'Party With a Purpose' option is the best way to purchase a coaching conversation for someone other than yourself, in settings such as; birthday parties, vision board and bridal events, dinner parties, and get-together's.

Is Life Coaching Confidential?

Yes! The client/coach relationship is both personal and highly professional.  Is it imperative that clients always feel safe in what they share. You will be encouraged to share your truth with your coach. They are trained, and ready hear it, and it remains safely in their care. Your coach should be able to provide their strict NO DISCLOSURE policy and all of the logistics about their practice, upfront, in their welcome packet, before a commitment from you is contracted.

How Do I know The Life Architect, Will Coach Specifically To My Needs?

The intake - evaluation process results in a plan that includes a description of what the issues are, and then, together, we come up with a road map for the you, that guide you all towards your goals, and emotional healing destination of your choosing.

Am I Alone In Being Scared And Uncomfortable About Coaching?

No! You are not alone in that feeling. Most clients are uncomfortable in the first session, and often in between sessions. Why? Because you are exploring the edges of your comfort zone and together, we will bring you to those edges, again and again, which will help you to grow. It is thrilling, inspiring, evolutionary, and often uncomfortable or scary.  It's Okay. You're safe with an experienced coach, and you can always take a little step backward to ease the discomfort if it's too much. A trained coach uses techniques to gain access to your emotional entry points. One inside, the pain management or healing can begin. Remember, coaching is about you and your goals.

Do I Have To Experience Life Coaching Alone?

No, not at all. Since coaching is about the comfort of the client, BLCNY understands and respects the security aspect, of not being alone during new experiences. For those who aren't too sure about making a one on one commitment just yet; we suggest trying out a coaching conversation in fun, less 'intimidating' way, like a dinner party, vision board night, or any get-together theme, in a comfortable, safe, relaxed environment. Your own!

We here at BLCNY call it 'Party With Purpose.'

How Do I Book A Coaching Conversation?

If you are considering building, rebuilding, customizing, and designing, your life in any way, congratulations on investing in yourself!