Chief  Emotional Officer

Hello, Beautiful Soul. Welcome! I've worked on the 'right' words to share with you about who I am. I prefer the work I've done on myself, removing my mask, with others, and in creating Better Life Choices of New York to speak for me. My anonymity is incredibly precious to me, and putting myself 'out there,' frightens me, at times. But it is important to me that I practice what I preach to you, and dance with my fear, instead of forcing myself to try and eliminate it, be brave, never fearless, and open some of my world up to you. I appreciate your curiosity, presence, and willingness to begin making Better Life Choices. You, your fears, goals, needs, and your emotions are safe here.

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Wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunt, entrepreneur, writer, life coach, speaker, podcaster; all of these are titles I possess, but none of them define who I am. Who am I?  I am a brave soul, who travels this earth, seeking purpose, connection, happiness, healing, growth, knowledge, inspiration, kindness, pleasure, fun, luxury, understanding, balance; and most importantly, love.

You matter. How you feel matters. What you have to say matters.

I believe in you.

Stefanie, The Life Architect



I obtained Life Coaching certification from Impact Coaching Academy.

The ICA is ICF - International Coach Federation accredited.