In such a short amount of time, Coach Stefanie, helped me discover things I never knew about myself. Her encouraging words will stay with me for many years to come.
— LaQuasha, Client, New York, NY

If we are lucky in life, we meet people who can help us become our better and best versions of ourselves. Sometimes the meetings are coincidental and open doorways and pathways that we interpret to be our “ fate” or “destiny.” But other times we discover that there are people who can help us design and create the future we want for ourselves with awareness and compassion.

The key is finding the “right person” who can cheerlead and coach us in ways that no one else had. This is what happened for me with Coach Stefanie. As a woman in her sixth decade of life, I initially thought it was “too late” for me to feel better and live more happily- that my best accomplishments were behind me and my best days were memories, not aspirations. No more! I credit Coach Stefanie with helping me renew my spirit and to live my best life possible.
— Laura, Client, Long Island, NY

I felt like you really established trust and intimacy with your client, especially in how you related to him. You asked him what was important to him, rather than just ‘what do you want to work on?’, and when he told you about his confidence issues, you mentioned how you hear a lot of people struggling with this, and even said ‘you are not alone’, which I thought was great! You did a great job clarifying the outcomes - after repeating to him, you asked ‘is that correct?’. You were very clear about the goals.

You showed active listening by repeating things back to him, saying ‘I hear’, or ‘you said’...You asked a LOT of powerful questions. Your coaching presence was great - you listened, you gave him space to talk, but you moved things forward. I like that you talked to him about where he is going, how he is going to get there. I could hear him get excited and charged up talking about ‘I’m going to the top!’. That really turned the session around so that it ended on a positive. and you said ‘save me a seat!’ - what a great relationship you established. All in all, a great session. Thanks for letting me observe!
— Emily, Life Coach, Philadelphia, PA

Stefanie is a strong and powerful force of a woman. She is direct, bold and unwavering as she gives you the raw and real... What I love most about her, however, is her ability to balance that out with vulnerability and transparency.

Watching her speak to an audience is where you really see just how gifted she is. She is a story teller and truly captivates the heart of the people she speaks to..., and I believe this is because of her authenticity. Stefanie makes you believe you can do anything because she shares some of her own struggles. You can watch her go through her own process (the parts she shows us) which gives us the courage to do the same.

She is professional in how she handles her business but is never too much of an expert to forget that none of us have “arrived” and are all trying to find our way. She helps us to be okay with our hang ups and pushes us to make better life choices that will free us from negative consequences that ultimately hinder our mental and emotional health.

Even in my role as a psychotherapist, when I need to an ear, she is one of my “go to” people because I know whether I like what she has to say or not, it is usually what I need to hear. People like that are invaluable and if you have just one Stefanie in your life... you are winning.
— Cynthia, Psychotherapist, New York, NY
At first, I was intimidated by your questionnaire and contract. It had me like. Wow, this chick is the real deal. Even with all the back and forth, you were so patient. You asked me why I wouldn’t want someone who I was paying my hard earned money to and trusting with my personal business, not to be thorough and professional. I was like, she’s right! I thought 30 minutes would be enough, but Nah, I need an hour next time. Thank you, Coach Stefanie, for all of your help. Booking my next conversation soon
— LaToya, Client, New York, NY

Have you seen her in action? Her Instagram videos drew me to her. She does a great job of showing all sides of relatable herself. She told me she was going to help me build any area of my life that I wanted to be sound. She gave the confidence and the tools to do just that. Thank you, life architect!
— Justin, Client, Yonkers, NY


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