Who We Are


Better Life Choices of New York is an emotional architectural firm; founded by Stefanie, 'The Life Architect,"' that specializes in building, customizing, and designing healthy emotional lives, through life coaching, mentoring, and personal and professional self-empowerment events. BLCNY specializes in pain management, change management, personal development, and empowerment, for girls and women of all ages, beginning as young as age five years of age. We are committed to being guides, and advocates of self-love, self-worth, self-awareness, self-ownership, and all life-skills, that lead to making better life choices.

BLCNY aids all races, backgrounds, sexual identification and preference in becoming self-empowered individuals and effective human beings, and leaders that learn to flourish, so that they can be of service, live beyond limitations and impact communities beyond their reach.

The Life Coaching, and public speaking components of BLCNY are open to everyone who wants to make a Better Life Choice, and that includes boys and men.

What We Do

In addition to life coaching for all, solution driven, live and virtual empowerment speaking, BLCNY host, co-host, and speak at fun, creative outings, and events. We are most proud of the work we are doing in our community, the New York City area; with the emotional health, life skill forums that we provide for the girls women. Our topics include, but are not limited to:

•  Boundaries: 'No!' is not an invitation to negotiation. Creating and respecting healthy boundaries, both personally and professionally.

•  Self-esteem and self-worth: Identification, nurturing and protection

•  Communication skills: Definition and interpretation

•  Self preservation: detaching from toxic people, places and things.

•  Success execution: Goal Identification, Goal manifestation, and Goal execution

•  Financial literacy: Accrual, maintenance, and growth

•  Sisterhood: Friendship, Camaraderie, Support, Betrayal

•  Mother to daughter relationship development: Bridging the generation and belief gap:

   How to respect and relate to each other

•  Pain management: Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional - Unpacking your baggage

•  Relationships: Sex, Love, Lust, Marriage, Divorce, and Sexuality

Just to name a few.

Our Goals




A Message From The CEO

BLCNY’s long-term goals include becoming a global emotional health, life-skills, empowerment, pain and change management, brand, that offers scholarships for tuition and survival expenses, to girls in pursuit of higher education and women in pursuit of continuing education.

"I wanted to create a safe space where there were fewer routines, with raw, real, conversations, which turns into more action. A place where seasoned adults pass down their wisdom and savvy "youngins" toss up their knowledge. A place where girls and women don't feel they need permission to be great. Where being assertive, knowing what you want and aspiring to be more than an assistant, someone's domestic partner or caregiver isn’t viewed as a bad thing. I was so lost, waiting for happiness and growth to appear magically. I was often told to "be happy, love yourself, figure it out, do better," but no one ever showed me how to achieve these things. I envision BLCNY being that "how to" blueprint place for all, especially for girls and women."

Stefanie, The Life Architect